Preity Zinta to have her New Year bash in Phuket

She has just finished her shooting as a battered wife for Deepa Mehta’s ‘Heaven On Earth’ and now, actress Preity Zinta is off to Phuket, Thailand with her friends to welcome the new year.

Shooting for the film has drained Preity emotionally and she needs a break badly. “Deepa Mehta and ‘Heaven On Earth’ have proved eye openers for me. But the film was tough on me emotionally. In the month that I was in Toronto, I went out just twice and that too to maintain my sanity. I really need a break now,” says Preity.

Preity had only one release this year, “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ which bombed at the box-office. Preity will return from her vacation in the second week of January with a clear date diary.

“I haven’t said yes to any of the scripts I’ve heard. I’ll take a call when I return from my holiday. But yes, 2007 has been my year of unconventional films. So 2008 will probably be a year of hardcore masala movies,” adds the bubbly actress.

Preity Zinta


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