Billo Barber

Billo Barber

The two actors (Shahrukh & Irfan) are of totally different sorts of personalities and it would be worth to watch them together on screen. Three bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor , Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra will also be seen in the movie.

Billo Barber Comic Movie First Look Official Trailer

Shahrukh Khan will be seen for the first time in a comic movie of director Priyadarshan . The movie is expected to be titled Billo Barber. The story of the movie is supposed to be a modern adaptation of the Krishna-Sudama’s friendship.

The story of the film would be based on the friendship of two person among which one is rich and other is poor. Irrfan Khan is expected to do the role of poor friend who is a village barber in this comic film.

The idea of presenting this friendship in a comic way is interesting enough to catch people’s attention towards it. And with the presence of two superb actors of bollywood in it, this movie has become a must watch.


* Irrfan Khan as Billu

* Shahrukh Khan as Sahir Khan

* Lara Dutta as Billu’s Wife

* Om Puri

* Paresh Rawal

* Rajpal Yadav

* Manoj Joshi

* Asrani

Special Appearances

* Kareena Kapoor

* Deepika Padukone

* Priyanka Chopra

* Katrina Kaif


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