Superstar Superlives Preity Zinta

Superstar Superlives

Preity Zinta

Show description

Superstars Superlives is a biographical series on the lives of the various superstars in Bollywood. It attempts to encapsulate the lives of these stars through a series of episodes that bring out the details of the various stages of the lives of these stars and depict their rise and their journey as they achieve an iconic status.. The Show also talks in brief about the early years of these stars their childhood and their struggle as they attempt to get a break in Bollywood. All this is then followed by a detailed account of their films and their crucial career oriented decisions that delivered them to their final stardom. The storytelling is done in a narrative form through a sequence of voiceovers interspersed with bytes and interviews of friends, colleagues including fellow stars and filmmakers who have had the opportunity of working with the superstar. The voiceovers are supported by various film and archival footage of the star and a sequence of interviews of relevant personalities.

Complete Schedule for Superstar Superlives

Tue, Jan 27 8:30PM 2 Preity Zinta
Wed, Jan 28 8:30PM 3 Preity Zinta
Thu, Jan 29 8:30PM 4 Preity Zinta
Fri, Jan 30 8:30PM 5 Preity Zinta
Mon, Feb 02 8:30PM 1 Saif Ali Khan
Tue, Feb 03 8:30PM 2 Saif Ali Khan
Wed, Feb 04 8:30PM 3 Saif Ali Khan
Thu, Feb 05 8:30PM 4 Saif Ali Khan
Fri, Feb 06 8:30PM 5 Saif Ali Khan

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