Preity Zinta adopts 34 orphans

Bollywood pretty gal Preity Zinta who is known for her outspoken nature also carries a heart of gold. Though she is associated with few social organizations and donates money for charity very often, recently she has done a great humanitarian work by adopting 34 orphan girls from the Mother Miracle School in Hrishikesh during her 34th birthday.

Regarding the noble deeds that she has rendered, Preity said, “Yes. I have adopted them and will be completely looking after their education, food, clothes etc. It`s an amazing feeling to be part of their lives. I’m going to make it a point to visit them at least twice a year. They are my children, my responsibility now.”

Preity at first decided to spend those big bucks on an imported car but later she changed her mindset and donated the money for a charitable cause. “The horrors of female foeticide and child abuse are not just headlines for me. These 34 girls are just the beginning, I am going to adopt a couple more on every birthday”, adds Preity.

Adopting 34 orphans one at a time is not a matter of joke and Preity stands as an example for all. She truly deserves huge round of applause.


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